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Why Priest? | March 27, 2015

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Why Should I go to Church?

January 25, 2015 |

It’s a question that I hear all the time: “Why should I go to church?” As a priest, my first response to this question could be to say that the Third Commandment tells us to keep holy the Sabbath Day, … Read More

Priests and Poverty

December 13, 2014 |

While diocesan priests do not take a vow of poverty as religious order priests do, simplicity of life is nonetheless important to the diocesan priesthood. (Think of a diocesan priest as your local parish priest and a religious order priest … Read More

Why Bother With Advent?

December 10, 2014 |

It is December 10th, and stores are decked out with Christmas decorations. In fact, many have been decorated and playing Christmas music since Halloween. In our culture, we are busy celebrating Christmas with parties, concerts, and festivals, prompting a simple … Read More

Thankful for Being a Priest

November 27, 2014 |

When I was in the seminary preparing for ordination to the priesthood, one of the priests told my class: every day when you get up, thank God for your priesthood. Looking back almost fourteen years now, I realize how important … Read More